There are several recreation activities that you can take part in Burnaby such as visiting Central Park. This park has a playground that provides a conducive environment for both adults and children to have fun. At Central Park, you will get to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, nature walks, and playing tennis. Your parking needs are taken care of at the central park as they have various surface parking areas. During special events, there are more parking stalls designated for the guests in attendance. The picnic areas are accessible to everyone who wishes to visit the park. If you have been looking for a place where you can experience natural beauty, make a point of going to Central Park in Burnaby. Being a first-time visitor to Burnaby, you might be familiar with the whereabouts of Central Park. You can opt to use google maps or ask your trip advisor how to easily locate Central Park.

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Other places to check out in Burnaby:

  1. Central Park
  2. Burnaby Village Museum
  3. Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park
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  5. Miniature Railway Rides
  6. Starlight Casino
  7. Burnaby Mountain Golf Course
  8. Pacific breeze winery
  9. Burnaby Public Library
  10. The Ismaili center