Located in British Columbia Canada, Burnaby is the third-largest city with a population of about two hundred and fifty people. The city is rich and has all supportive social and economic amenities. Burnaby has approximately forty-one schools and it has several hospitals that are fully furnished. Burnaby City was incorporated in the 1890s and to the present day, it holds the regional government of Metro Vancouver. The transportation around the city is very efficiently serviced with buses and trains. The climate at Burnaby is very stable with mild and dry summers. Burnaby is home to several cultural facilities which makes it a preferred travel destination for different tourists.

Burnaby offers multiple attractions, whether a tourist wants to explore the natural excursions, private sightseeing tours, cultural centers, historical sites, or the food in the city, there is an activity for you and your family. If you are interested in nightlife, outdoor activities, shows, and cinemas, there is always one of these activities going down in the city. If you are looking to travel as a family, or a couple, there are several kid’s friendly destinations and others that are a great deal for your honeymoon vacation.

The people of Burnaby are very welcoming and they are dedicated to appreciating and maintaining the natural environment while creating safe spaces and sustainable communities. The city of Burnaby is safe and clean; you will have an authentic experience with this blend of this destination. The city hotels offer you affordable rates for the different categories; two-star to seven-star hotels to suit your desired experience. Below we have highlighted some of the best places to visit and things to do when you visit Burnaby.

Here are some great places to see in Burnaby while you visit Quick Cool Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd

  1. Central Park
  2. Burnaby Village Museum
  3. Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park
  4. Burnaby Art Gallery
  5. Miniature Railway Rides
  6. Starlight Casino
  7. Burnaby Mountain Golf Course
  8. Pacific breeze winery
  9. Burnaby Public Library
  10. The Ismaili center